Thursday, 8 January 2009

Christmas Recap (before I start resolving anything)

Hmm. Didn't mean to be gone so long. I got overwhelmed by the whole Christmas palaver and am still trying to finish things, regain my composure and make a new start for 2009 (which will hopefully find me more on time than of late).

I've been baking and knitting and sewing a lot. Some gifts have still to be finished and given so maybe will be blogged about later. Some were gifted without me remembering to take photos (a quick quilt made from an old flannel sheet and some Christmas stocking light corduroy for my niece/god-daughter and a Tudora for my sister-in-law). And of course many things I wanted to make never happened, must start now for next Christmas!

My daughter and I made salt-dough ornaments and spice cookies (using all the Christmassy cookie cutters in the kitchen).

For Christmas breakfast I made sticky buns (with chocolate, cinnamon and pecans).

For dinner we ate Roast Beef with a gratifyingly successful Yorkshire Pudding (and gravy and potatoes and veggies of course).

I made a big batch of mincemeat and then failed to actually make mince pies until Old Christmas was here, but when I did they were yummy. I also made dulce de leche (using the method I saw at David Lebowitz's blog) and used it in this yummy decadent dessert.

The Christmas tree is still waiting to be taken down...

Here's hoping that everyone who celebrate it had a wonderful Christmas (and if you celebrate something else I hope that was wonderful too).

Happy 2009!

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