Sunday, 28 June 2009

Scali Bread

I've been following KingArthurFlour on Twitter for a little while now and noticed a mention of Scali Bread which intrigued me:
Scali bread. This shiny, mahogany-brown loaf, coated with nutty sesame seeds, creates lots of Buzz; it's a beauty, too.

Sounded good, and I'm a big fan of sesame seeds, so I clicked over to this blogpost talking about (among other things) what it is and how to make it (step by step with photos). So I printed off the recipe (find it here) and mixed up the starter and left it overnight. As some people noted in the comments the starter seemed really dry, I did add a tiny bit more water than the recipe gives to wet all the flour and hoped for the best.

Next morning the power went out which made me nervous but the starter was looking just as it should. The power came back and I mixed in the rest of the ingredients and set the dough to rise. I think next time if I add a little extra water to the starter maybe I should correspondingly add less liquid when I add the rest of the ingredients since the dough was more sticky and wet than was easy to handle (and I use the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day recipes usually which are very moist). Still it all came together in the end and before it had cooled all the way my daughter and I had pulled some pieces off from one end and buttered and eaten them.

I did make a few slight modifications -- I subbed in a little whole wheat bread flour (I think 1 cup, I couldn't help myself and it seems to work) and when I went to get the sesame seeds I found I didn't have nearly enough so I added in poppy seeds too which I might just do next time I make this bread too.

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