Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Note to Self!

We're having our first Snow Day. My daughter was sad to miss preschool but is excited about the snow and playing games and waffles for brunch! I added some grated cheese (maple smoked cheddar) and some chopped up ham to the last of the batter as an experiment. I ate the ham and cheese waffles with extra cheese on top and maple onion baked beans. Very tasty (no photo though since by the time I'd finished cooking I was sooo hungry - everyone else had already eaten).

Now I'm planning to cook up a whole batch of cheesy ham/bacon waffles to freeze for quick breakfasts (waffle in toaster and go, or with a few more minutes at hand waffle in toaster, beans in microwave sit and eat). So that's the note to self since that particular project will need to wait for new year since we won't be home much the next several weeks.

Next -- snowtime!

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