Monday, 9 April 2007

Knitting and felting and sewing, oh my!

(Thinking of post titles, not my strong suit).

I've started two different posts that are hanging out waiting for more thought and writing that I just don't have time for right now. I don't know what it is about me that makes me take it into my head to start new projects like this when life is at its busiest. Self-sabotage? I am in the middle of the busyness of Holy Week and next weekend's chorus concerts.

But right now the baby is napping (for how much longer who can say?) so I thought maybe I could post about crafting I've been doing.

Firstly an old project, made when I was at high school doing my GCSE in Textiles. It's still one of my favourite things that I've made. The back ground is felt that I made with a couple of layers of undyed fleece and then a layer of dyed fleece staggered to make a rainbow effect. The pattern is from a Japanese design book, it's a chrysanthemum, made by couching black tapestry wool with gold thread. One day I'll do more felting.

These days I think it's safe to say that the majority of my crafting involves making things for my daughter (almost 9 months old). Between me, my mum and several knitting friends my daughter has quite the collection of knitwear (including some items that I wore when I was a baby).

We've been mostly using cloth diapers, and at night using wool covers. Here are my first two pairs of "longies" (I've made quite a few pairs of short covers). They're made using the Aubrey Doodlepants pattern, although I tweaked it a bit (based on reading comments from people posting to the wool_soakers email list that I've been lurking on and avidly reading) adding more short rows and a wider gusset. On the pink pair I tried making the leg cuffs a bit flared/ruffly too. I'm pretty pleased with the way they turned out. The fit is pretty good, at least just at the moment.

And finally some of my most recent projects -- my daughter's Easter clothes.

There are two outfits, the first one (left) she wore for the Easter vigil on Saturday night. I made the pinafore from a 50s pattern (Simplicity 4018) I got at Mom's Patterns. The fabric reminds me of the foil wrapping for Easter eggs I had as a child in England.

And lastly, here's what my daughter wore to the Easter Sunday morning service. The dress is knit from a Dale of Norway pattern (from booklet #142 which you can't see at their website anymore). I made several mistakes but couldn't bear to rip back and start again (what with time to knit being a precious commodity) so fiddled things a couple of times and it seems to have worked out! I didn't have time to knit the matching bonnet, and since I couldn't bear for her not to have an Easter bonnet on her first Easter I stayed up after she went to bed on Saturday night and sewed this simple one using eyelet fabric (which is probably more easterey anyway). My husband and I sing in the church choir so the picture on the right is of the baby sitting on the floor in the choir room being shown one of the hand bells before heading upstairs for church.

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