Monday, 16 April 2007

Things that caught my eye today...

Chocolate 'better than kissing', at least according to an article at the BBC News website. Hmm...

Also at the BBC, this time on Radio 4's Woman's Hour, a piece about Women War Artists. Apparently at the beginning of World War 2 there was a project to get artists to record scenes of everyday life to preserve "everyday town and country scenes it was feared would be lost" as a consequence of the war. The segment for Woman's Hour is largely a recording of three of the women artists getting together at the Imperial War Museum and taking a look at some of their paintings and talking about the project (listen online). I hope they put together an exhibition at some point
On one of the crafty blogs I check via bloglines (I have little to no short term memory these days) I saw the "Reduction Tote Bag" which I now must add to my To-Make list. I try to always bring my own cloth bags when I go shopping and this one folds up into it's own little pouch, very handy. The pattern is at the Crochet me Magazine website which I'd not come across before. I'm not really very experienced at following crochet patterns but it may be something that I need to work on if I'm going to make the cute little Dodo someday.

There are posts at various blogs I read today about the story of Baby Evelyn. I don't really feel as though I know the whole story but from what I've read it sounds as though the adoption process was handled horribly irresponsibly, and that now all the people involved are in for heartache (as is so often the case when adoption happens it seems). I've been trying to write more than that, but I'm not sure I can. I've thought a lot about adoption, especially in the last few years for various reasons, and I think it can be a wonderful thing but that it's hard for that to be true for the first families. I think I'll leave it at that since it's taken me ages to write this paragraph and I need my sleep.

On a lighter note, I think I want one of these egg separators that I saw in a post at SlashFood today. It would probably get old quickly though, and I'm usually perfectly capable of doing the job with the egg shells so it's not as though I need such a thing. It's so interesting to me the things that I'm not grossed out by that other people (like my husband) are, and vice versa.
And finally -- go and look at this beautiful picture of bluebells in the woods on a misty moisty morning, scenes like that make me ache to be back in England (much as I love New England).

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Penny said...

Oh yes, I think I'd miss bluebells if I lived in a country where they didn't have any. They are one of my favourite flowers.