Sunday, 2 September 2007

Year of Color Update

There are lots of things I think of to do and blog about but things often don't work out the way I plan. The challenge of the Year of Color group at flickr is helping to keep me feeling as though I'm paying attention to the world and being somewhat creative. Certainly I'm walking around with my eyes more open to my surroundings a lot of the time which is uplifting and inspiring for me. It also reminds me to talk to my daughter about what we're looking at as we walk around the house, the town, and the world at large which can only be a good thing. So I want to keep sharing my pictures here from time to time to show that I'm doing something with my life other than accumulating links!

Week 5: Red + White (I'm linking to the discussions for each week which have mosaics of favourite pictures of the week and late entries, other photos for all weeks can be found in the group photo pool)

I found this one challenging, not that there isn't plenty of red and white out there but I found picking something interesting and different was hard.

My first picture I took to document my current obsession with making cobbler for dessert. This is my favourite combination -- peach and raspberry. I noticed that the red raspberries and the white spatula were quite dominant in this photo.

Walking around town during week 5 made me notice that there are a lot of buildings around with red and white dominating. Here's just one that I got a picture of for the challenge.

Lastly, and I think the picture I'd choose if I were giving you just one for the week, is of a red reflector in our driveway (in theory to help the guy who ploughs our driveway in the winter although he doesn't always follow the handy helpful hint) and in the background the white of the porch and the screen door.

Week 6: Pink + Orange

When I checked on Sunday to see what the new colours for the week were I noticed I was even wearing them (see second photo on the bottom row)! Then walking through town that afternoon I saw so many places where there were pink and orange flowers together (you can see examples of some of those in the mosaic).
I also found quite a few examples of the colours in my own home: The peach and raspberry cobbler baked and served up in a bowl becomes a pink and orange dish; One of my daughter's cloth books with an orange and a pink pig on opposite pages lying open where she left it; popsicle (ice lolly) sticks; a straw in the dish drainer; a pitcher and boxes on top of the fridge; yarn waiting for me to knit something new.

(You can see all the photos here.)

Week 7: Yellow + Black

Another week that seemed tricky. There's a lot of yellow and black around -- lines painted on the roads, street signs and so on. So I was looking out for things that were not quite so everywhere. There were actually a lot of things I looked at and never actually photographed, and then I did take a (somewhat blurry) picture of traffic lights which are among the everywhere things!
Also somewhat among the everywhere things are the black eyed susans, quite a few pictures of these in the flickr pool in fact. I wasn't going to take more flower pictures this week until I passed this big blooming bush of flowers (with some other yellow flowers right next to them) while walking to the park. And then more of the examples of yellow and black around the house: utensils in a can; a push pin my husband found somewhere and put on a black canister in the kitchen; an old poster kept for scrap paper; the most yellow of the granny squares in a blanket made by my grandmother; tool bits and pieces lying around while my husband and his father are doing some work on our house; marmite jars (I am English after all -- not that everyone English likes marmite -- I bring big jars over with me and the one in the top right is currently in use for toast and stock while the other ones have been cleaned out and now hold loose tea and dried mushrooms from the bulk section of our co-op).
You can find all of these pictures individually here.

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Vanessa said...

What a fun post! I like the pink and orange ones the best... there is something so wrong about this combo that it becomes so right!