Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Creativity links

Via a post at Craft: I got here:
"The KnitWiki is a community run knitting encyclopedia with patterns, techniques, historical information and a whole lot more!"
So far I've taken a look through some of the patterns and found a few for my to-do list -- I want to see what this evening top looks like knitted up, and I'm intrigued by this vest and panties combo.

Also via Craft: a link to a pattern for a paper craft toy owl which I want to try out. A friend of ours has her second birthday coming right up, and is an owl fan so I'm wondering whether I could make one the right size to put her present into...

At Crafty Daisies Heather is offering a "Learn to Crochet" 12 lesson course (online and free). Now obviously I know how to crochet at least somewhat but I mostly make it up as I go along. It'd be nice to be able to know what stitches are called and how to follow patterns. The question is can I manage to keep up? If she can post the lessons I ought to be able to really. So we'll see how that goes!

Another for the to-do list -- this cute baby/toddler hat helloyarn posted at flikr in the Crazy for Knitting pool.

Also catching my eye in the flikr knitting groups was a knit and felted toy ant

I enjoyed this week's "something for me" post at Parentdish by Jennifer Sharpen, she says:
The work I do all day tends to be invisible, and that's why I really like to take the time to knit a scarf, make ToothFairy pillows, or sew a skirt: it feels so nice to see, and even hold, the results of my work.
That's something I can totally relate to. Housework often seems to be only visible when it's not done, and when you finish it you have to start over right away anyway. Even the satisfaction from cooking something nice is fleeting because soon it'll be eaten, and you still have to do dishes. Making something tangible and (at least somewhat) lasting gives such a nice feeling! This week she's talking about loving photography, and I'm enjoying that more and more too. Sometimes I even take pictures of things other than my daughter or craft projects, and I aim to do that more. It's good to challenge myself to look around me more, and differently.

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