Thursday, 31 May 2007

Some finished objects

Today's been pretty hectic (I may report on that later) but it's been a while since I posted and I have some photos of finished objects and the baby seems to have gone to sleep (at least for the time being) so quickly...

I made muffins! I'd had this as a to-do in the back of my mind since I saw these raspberry muffins at Posy Gets Cozy the other week. Then I had one of those bananas that's only fit for baking taking up space on the counter (as often happens since I started buying lots of bananas as the baby fast-food of choice to have on hand). Perfect, banana muffins. The recipe (from the Bread Bible) is officially for banana nut muffins (and I did put some walnuts in) but I like chocolate with my banana baked goods. I made them for dessert, but have been warming up the rest at breakfast time and got a nice picture (on my new thrifted plates) in the morning sun. (Morning on the kitchen windowsill is the best opportunity for sunlit photos inside our house).

I actually completed and gifted the pointy kitty and matching dress that I mentioned (and gave a taste of) in a previous post. I'm quite proud of the dress actually, I did the facing properly, and mastered buttonholes on the machine and everything! I'm too lazy to go upstairs and check which pattern this is, perhaps I'll come back and rectify that later. I tried taking pictures of the dress a couple of times and none of the photos came out great, such is life. And then I realised after giving the gift bag that I didn't actually take a picture of the kitty with head attached to body. Luckily I had my camera there though so I made sure to take a few while the kitty was not being clutched tightly (I think she liked it). My daughter was a little sad to see the kitty go I think so maybe I will make her a stuffed toy for her birthday (I can't believe how quickly it's coming up!).

The bunny's still not done however. Since it's been a while since that birthday, and the little girl is expecting a sibling soon I think I'm going to make something for the new baby and save the bunny to give as a big sister gift when the baby comes (and we'll be saying special prayers for them because I hear they just lost a good friend who died in childbirth which is devastating at any time but when you have a baby on the way yourself, oh my).

(On a ligher note) I got some more sewing time this weekend. I finished a pair of trousers for myself (no picture). I cut the fabric in England at Christmas (when I thought I would have time to make stuff because my mum and Matt would be able to watch the baby... somehow it didn't quite work out that way, it never does), sewed several months ago and finally hemmed last Friday. I think they're tencel, but whatever the fabric is it hangs nicely and is cool and they fit pretty nicely and I feel good in them. I also almost have a new skirt for myself finished -- just need to finish the waistband, and I think it's just too long so I'm going to have to go back and turn the hem up some. What I did finish though was another pinafore for my daughter. I had this fabric that was a thrift store find which I thought would be a good candidate for a dress for Pentecost. I was going to try a different pattern but the fabric used to be a curtain and it was hard to find enough unfaded (or consistently faded) for the other things I tried so I went for the pinafore again. (It doesn't hurt that the pinafore is quick and easy to make of course.) I forgot to sew the lower set of ties in when I put the red binding on (oops) but managed to sneak in some ribbon. I'm pretty pleased with the outcome, and she happened to have a pair of pants that bring out the red to make it extra suitable for church on Pentecost!

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Jeanninemccloskey said...

This is a very cute idea, and so practical. It really gets my juices flowing. Great stash idea!