Thursday, 17 May 2007

In the News

I'm totally behind in even skimming the headlines at the moment what with the sleeping issues, but some things I've noticed:

Why France is so good at cancer care [BBC]

Children palliative care 'patchy' [BBC]

Happiness wins science book prize [BBC]

Illinois baby obtains gun permit [BBC]

Fortify 'bread with folic acid' [BBC] -- I know this has been debated for a while in the UK, and it's hard to argue with the reduction in spina bifida that's been seen in countries where fortification's been introduced already. The masking of B12 deficiency is a little worrying, and I've seen stuff in the news recently suggesting vitamin supplementation may not be such a fabulous thing after all though. I guess since it's so hard to get the amount of folate they recommend without supplementation, and so many women aren't paying attention anyway this makes sense. The FSA chair said: "I don't believe it is the ultimate solution. I believe it is the best pragmatic solution we can get."

Only tenuously linked to news, but I saw this at How about orange -- it's horribly addictive -- a game where you try to snap good photos of Superman flying around various cities for the front page of the Daily Planet.

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Oh no, I'm feeling the need to take some pics....