Thursday, 28 June 2007

Thrifting catch-up

I'm so behind on posting my thrifting finds (well, and on posting in general). I actually don't have pictures of everything, not everything is that interesting to look at anyway.

A fortnight ago I got this cute plate, I still had some chives left so I could put a few flowers on for the photo!

I also got three more sheets but this time all white. One has a fancy-ish embroidered edge so maybe I'll use that for a skirt/petticoat. The others I'm thinking will be handy for trying out patterns I'm scared of before I cut into more precious fabric. I figure if things turn out well I could always try dyeing the finished item if it's something I wouldn't wear in white.

Today I put off going out until it started to cool down a bit because I haven't got used to it being summer for real. This meant I got to the thrift store about 15 minutes before closing time, but I still managed to come out with more than usual.

I got a couple of tank tops which I didn't take pictures of. Some fabric, pictured to the left. First is a tablecloth which I will probably use as a tablecloth if it fits our dining room table (we'll see, we have to unearth the table for me to be able to check, one day in the hopefully not too distant future though we'll be eating dinner at the table most nights and while we won't need a tablecloth every night it'd be nice to own some!). If it doesn't fit I think it would make nice trousers (for around the house/sleeping). In the middle is a pillowcase, I might try making a dress for my daughter from it, probably not this year though. I'm thinking it's a good candidate for smocking since with the checked pattern I wouldn't have to mark it up for the stitching, but I don't have time to sew even simple things right now. And then finally on the right is some batik fabric, not sure what I'll do with it yet as I'm not really one for wearing red myself and the pattern's a bit big for clothing for my daughter (she loved it though so that's part of why it came home with us)

Also from the thrift store this box of goodies -- lots of different colours of binding, silver rick-rack (!), lengths of lace and other bits and pieces. All for a dollar and fifty cents! A lot of the packets are opened and partly used, but since I'm making lots of smaller things these days I figure it's all going to be useful and therefore was a good deal.

Last but by no means least is the china. A couple of plates with a simple but sweet pattern around the edge (the underside suggests they come from Austria). And I'm loving the tea infuser which comes with it's own little pot that you can stand it in to cool once the tea has brewed. I think it's by far my favourite purchase. I guess from the picture and words on the pot that it's intended for making peppermint tea but I imagine it will be alright to make black tea or red raspberry leaf with it instead. I don't drink peppermint tea very often, and actually I seem to remember that too much mint maybe isn't good when you're nursing?? It's marked Kaiser W Germany on the bottom which would seem to give some clue as to its age.

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