Saturday, 2 June 2007

A Nice Day...

after a crummy night. Last night our daughter went to bed just fine and she and her daddy slept for about an hour while I messed around on the computer. She woke up needing to pee around 1am and didn't go back to sleep until at least 3:30. I don't know whether it had anything to do with having two big long naps during the day (usually one of them at least is short), or maybe it's more to do with her having just figured out that she can flip herself over and go crawling around the bed and that's just too interesting to agree to lying down and closing her eyes. She wouldn't even nurse to sleep. Uggh. And we had to get up in the morning.

Still we did manage to drag ourselves out of bed in the morning and get out the door in time to see the cow parade. The lovely MissM went in costume as we happen to have a set of cow themed sleepers courtesy of my mother (my brother works with cows and she's got a little obsessed). The weather was warm and humid and I have a red nose and forehead now because I forgot sunscreen. Our daughter also has a sightly red nose but I did at least have a sunbonnet for her, and she was getting hot and sleepy so her daddy took her into the shade later in the parade.

After the procession was over we went down to check out the rest of the party. We saw a sheep being sheared (which came with an interesting talk about the history of shearing and commentary on how it's done). Our baby girl was more interested in making friends with the sheepdog and playing with her balloon.

We had lunch from one of the local food stands (I had sweet Italian sausage, my husband had ham and cheddar sandwich and our friends had tasty looking pizza which I opted away from because we ate pizza last night). We didn't spend much time looking at the craft and other stalls but I did get something to store all the bananas we have these days. I've been thinking of getting one for a while (so that I can keep the bananas separate from the other fruit) and happened to spot this, at three dollars it seemed like a good deal.

We also stopped by the library for the end of the friends of the library annual book sale. Here's what we came home with. Mostly me. My husband picked up the book on tape (for his long commute) and the history book. I picked up "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night" which we both read a while back and knew that we would both read again so why not pick up a copy to own.

My favourite find is probably the little children's book called "A Friend Is Someone Who Likes You" -- I love the illustrations. It's coming adrift at the binding a bit, but I couldn't believe no-one had picked this up.

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