Saturday, 25 August 2007


I saw a couple of bloggers who I follow decide to attempt Bella Dia's Encyclopedia of Me meme this month. Each day in August a new letter of the alphabet and a word (relating to the writer's life) beginning with that letter as the subject/prompt for a new blog post. A way for readers to get to know more random info about the blogger, a way for the blogger to think of new things to write about. Good idea I thought, I should do that. Not so much thus far obviously. I have been working on an alphabet/encyclopedia of me though as I started to think about what words were candidates for each letter of the alphabet. Perhaps I'll post that and add to it as things come to me, and then at some point actually do the whole posting project.

Coincidentally Secret Agent Josephine (whose blog I know I've visited in the past but in this case I came back to via Parentdish) has her own current alphabet project which is most excellent and I think my daughter will enjoy if I can get my act together with the printing and pasting and so on.

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