Thursday, 5 July 2007 links of the day
Posted: 05 Jul 2007 12:00 AM CDT

  • Bubbly Ployes (Buckwheat Pancakes) on Flickr - Photo Sharing! - These look a little like pikelets crossed with pancakes, this makes me want to try the recipe sometime. Also need to try to make pikelets again sometime since I can't get them where I live.
  • CEREAL BOX GIFT BOX: Craft projects from recycled, reused and natural materials.
  • :10 Things is a place for gratitude.
    Found this blog via a post at "happythings" blog: " 10 Things is a place for gratitude. To be thankful for all sorts of things... big, little and medium." "10 Things features writers and photographers, exploring life's little joys through their lens."
  • The Validity ( Or Not ) Of Cognitive Tests | Scientific Blogging
    "Timothy Salthouse, PhD, a noted cognitive psychologist at the University of Virginia, has demonstrated that giving a test only once isn't enough to get a clear picture of someone's mental functioning. It appears that repeating tests over a short period may give a more accurate range of scores, improving diagnostic workups."
  • BBC NEWS | Health | Yawning may keep us 'on the ball'
    "Yawning may appear the height of rudeness, but in fact your body is desperately trying to keep you awake, according to research from the US."
  • Mommy Is Truly Dearest - New York Times
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