Saturday, 7 July 2007

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  • ON THE JOB / Life at the intensive care nursery: Making a living amidst parents' worst nightmares
  • Two-Hour Tote Bag - BeSewStylish
  • This looks like a simple sewing project that results in a nice, fairly roomy bag to use to carry supplies to the beach or park.
  • hedgie bias tape bag on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    Another cute tote bag (this one's a little smaller), there's a link to a tutorial. I love the hedgehog embroidery on this one, it's what initially caught my eye.
  • Instructables - Ice Cream Pint Cozy
    One of those things that I could totally make myself but it's so nice to find someone else has done the thinking and written it up so I don't have to! A good gift idea for my husband too as he eats straight from the pint tubs more often than me.
  • Instructables - Gift Bags for Bottles
    Another one of those projects I could have figured out for myself, but someone's made it that bit easier for me! So nice not to have to think more than necessary when there's a baby draining your brainpower.
  • What I've learned about what to do when your wallet is stolen. - not martha
    A very informative blog post which I hope never to need to use. But just in case....
  • It's Easy Being Green: playhouses with a conscience - ParentDish
  • Need to come back to this link when my daughter's a bit older. Although for inside the house my brother and I used to do very nicely with the clothes horse and sheets and blankets quite often!

    Links for 2007-07-05 []

  • BBC NEWS | Health | Organic food 'better' for heart
    "A ten-year study comparing organic tomatoes with standard produce found almost double the level of flavonoids - a type of antioxidant."

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