Saturday, 7 July 2007

Accentuate the positive

In my Thursday links post I mentioned :10 Things (there's a blog and a flickr group too) which I found via a post at happythings. I seem to often finish the day grumpy and stressed. There's never enough time in the day to do all that I want, and feel I need to do. Not enough time to finish the laundry and leave the kitchen clean. Not enough time to be alone with my thoughts, to write about my day (especially all those things my daughter has done that seem so novel and precious right now but will get lost in the fog of memory if I don't record them), to work on my craft projects, to read, to sleep...

So I think that this would be a good way to end my day as often as I can. I can record snatches of my day, and go to bed with positive things on my mind: happy thoughts, things accomplished, moments enjoyed.

Here comes my first list (for yesterday). (I don't think I'll be posting them all here, although they may give me jumping off points for posts I guess.)
  1. Fresh Pineapple and Chocolate Bread (these first two things I got as treats for my birthday but didn't actually get to eat any of until today)
  2. My daughter giggling (lots of sustained giggles and laughs today!)
  3. Being at home (it feels restful rather than confining after a few days away with lots of bustle and noise among my husband's family)
  4. Getting to take a relatively unhurried shower without worrying about the baby.
  5. Hugs from my daughter (along with some of the laughing she was snuggling up backwards, sideways, high and low today at times -- often she would be jumping around, exploring, playing and turn to give a hug and then go back to what she was doing)
  6. The Hogfather on DVD (my mum sent for my husband's birthday -- we watched the first of the two parts)
  7. Not having to cook dinner (we got pizza, not the best pizza unfortunately)
  8. Knitting some more on my Monkey socks (just a few more pattern repeats and the toe to go before I have this pair finished)
  9. Blood Orange sorbetto (my husband got this to try when he went to pick up milk at the co-op, very tasty. Our daughter insisted she should be allowed to try some too so we gave her some little tastes. She would make a face that looked quite displeased and then immediately start to insist she have some more)
  10. Our little girl sleeping in the co-sleeper (rather than between us in the bed) for some of the night (just a few hours, but that's more than she's done in a long time).

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