Wednesday, 18 July 2007

  • The authors every teenager should read - Independent
    I'm not sure I agree with how they've classified some of the authors. Still, lots of people I haven't read (or even heard of) so lots of ideas for my overflowing booklist!

  • Instructables The Book Apron
    "Keeps your cookbooks or other how-tos clean! Clear plastic, polyester ribbon and rickrack can be wiped clean of batter with a damp sponge."
    I definitely need one of these for cooking (also a good book stand) since I'm plenty messy in the kitchen.

  • Instructables : Green" Re-usable Grocery Bags
    "These re-usable grocery bags will help you answer the question "Paper or plastic?" from your grocer, and help save waste and those landfill stuffers you're accumulating. The bags have handles to allow them to be placed on a grocer's plastic bag holder, i
    I like the idea of being able to slip them onto the bag holders in the grocery store (although I don't think that the place I shop at most often has bag holders... maybe I just never used them because I always have my own bags there).

  • morsbags sociable guerilla bagging
    I love the idea of guerrilla bagging as a means to reduce the use of plastic bags, not sure I have the right personality for it though. I'm loving all these tutorials and patterns for making bags I've been coming across though because more bags are always useful in my opinion!

  • Instructables Sewing Organizer
    "This is a great organizer for any tailor/seamstress and also it's kind of an art on the wall."
    I've seen something like this on a blog somewhere before (blanking on where right now), a wall mounted spool holder. This one's extra fancy with places to store other bits and bobs. too.

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