Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Links for 2007-07-23 [del.icio.us]
  • Everlasting Bagstopper - Knitty: Spring 2007
  • Baklava Loaf | Baking Bites
  • Parent's survival guide: How to entertain a brood of bored kids during the summer holidays - Independent
  • Jemima Lewis: You can't beat a traditional liberal education - Independent
    "I am seized with jealousy of my husband, who had the closest thing to an old- fashioned liberal education that money can buy. He learnt Latin and Greek at eight, speaks fluent French, knows the Old Testament backwards and can still recite the Periodic Table. Life skills come easily to him because the basics are already there: if you can do Latin grammar, you can learn new languages in a jiffy; if you understand physics, you can (and will) wire up a digital surround-sound home entertainment system."
  • Andrew Franklin: The real reason why publishers miss good books - Independent
  • Jemima Lewis: We've created a genealogical nightmare - Independent
  • MOO | Stickers - Print stickers using your images
    seen at howaboutorange
  • Sock it to me!
    "[Mezzodiva] decided to self-publish [her] Campanula sock pattern (...) and offer it here for a nominal charge: To get the pattern, all you have to do is CLICK HERE and SPONSOR [HER] for the 2007 Weekend to End Breast Cancer."
  • nonaKnits: Sidewinders: The Prologue
    links at end of each post to the next until you've knit yourself a sock, sideways!
  • Apron/Sunbonnet Combination - April 2001 Free Monthly Project
    Saw an example of this pattern made up at flickr it's an intriguing idea; a garment that can be worn as an apron or a bonnet!
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